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 PRESS RELEASE - November 14, 2023

For Immediate Release

 Richmond County and St. Peter’s Village Commission Hold First Ever Joint Public Meeting

Arichat, NS – Early November marked a first for the Municipality of the County of Richmond and the Village of St. Peter’s with an official Joint Meeting between the two levels of government on November 2nd at Council Chambers in Arichat; the first time the two levels of government have formally met in public session.

The Village of St. Peter’s is a recognized municipal unit with elected Village Commissioners.  They operate independently of the County and provide a variety of municipal services to residents within the Village area.   Historically, the relationship between the Village and the County has been primarily limited to taxation collections and special projects.  

“Building stronger relationships with other local governments is a priority for Municipal Council,” noted Warden Amanda Mombourquette.  This work is part of the County’s larger effort to lead and engage stakeholders according to their Strategic Plan which was refreshed through community consultation last year.   

The agenda included mutually agreed upon items related to special projects, capital projects, the Canada Community Building Fund, and asset management.  All parties agreed that the discussion was productive and should be continued regularly in this public format. 

“The Village of St. Peter’s is Richmond County’s most densely populated commercial, service, and retail centre,” explained Commissioner Esther MacDonnell, Chair of the Commission.  “Residents from all areas of the County rely on us for everything from medical services to banking to groceries, she explained. Warden Mombourquette agreed, “It’s in the best interest of all residents that both levels of government plan for and invest in continuous improvement of the Village core area.”

The joint meeting was a first for the Municipal Council and the Village Commission in an effort to increase understanding and awareness of the opportunities and challenges faced by both parties. The agenda and draft minutes can be found at and

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Media Contact:

Amanda Mobourquette

Warden, Municipality of the County of Richmond


Meghan Hayter

Clerk, St. Peter’s Village Commission



 Left to right: Meghan Hayter, Village Clerk, Shelley David Municipal Clerk/Communications Officer, Warden Amanda Mombourquette, Pam Martell, Village Commissioner, Deputy Warden Shawn Samson, Esther MacDonnell, Chair of the Commission, Councillor Michael Diggdon, Donnie Mariner, Village Commissioner.
Photo Credit: Troy MacCulloch, CAO