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Acadian, Scottish, Irish and Mi'kmaq cultures create a kaleidoscope of rich cultural activities for all to enjoy. Whether you are enjoying Richmond's many Acadian festivals, singing along at a local Milling Frolic or taking part in age-old ceremonies with the native community of Chapel Island; Richmond County has something for every taste. With a population of approximately 8,900 people, the county is largely rural and boasts 230,000 acres of forested land and miles of pristine coastline. About one-third of Richmond’s residents speak both French and English since the county is home to several vibrant French-Acadian communities. Scottish and Mi’kmaq cultures also contribute to the area’s rich history - a history which is celebrated during numerous festivals and events held around the county throughout the year.

Community Events and Recreation Programming 

The Municipality of the County of Richmond offers a number of recreational programs and classes from youth to seniors, for more information, visit our Community Events Calendar at Richmond County's Community Events Calendar. To register for programming visit our recreation program registration schedule at Richmond Recreation Program Registration Schedule.

Visitor Information Center

If you have any tourism related questions please contact the Visitor Information Centre.

10259 Grenville St.
St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia
B0E 3B0


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Village of St. Peter's

The Village of St. Peter's is a busy hub for surrounding communities. The Village of St. Peter’s is a recognized municipal unit with elected Village Commissioners.  They operate independently of the County and provide a variety of municipal services to residents within the Village area. Don't be fooled by its small size; St. Peter's is one of North America's oldest European establishments and it bustles with activity all year long. To learn more  visit, The Village of St. Peter's . To explore the Village of St. Peter's Arts and Entertainment, visit