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Municipal Water

The Richmond Public Works Department operates and maintains two water systems that serve the communities of Arichat, Petit de Grat, Louisdale, Evanston and Whiteside. These water systems are under the umbrella of the Richmond Water Utility. Also, these two water systems are operated under Approvals to Operate from the Nova Scotia Department of Environment (NSDOE)  Approval Numbers are as follows:

  • Arichat/Petit de Grat: NSDOE Approval #2008-065642
  • Louisdale/Evanston/Whiteside: NSDOE Approval #2008-065647

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Richmond County Water Utility Regulations and Rates can be found in the following attachment   Schedule of Rates

Richmond Water Utility Rates
Effective for water supplied on or after
April 1, 2018
Base Charges  
Size of Meter Quarterly
5/8"  $38.31
3/4"  $56.64
1"  $93.32
1.5"  $185.00
2"  $295.01
3"  $588.40
4"  $918.45
6"  $1,835.26
8"  $3,302.17
Consumption Rate (per cubic metre)
$1.67 per cubic metre