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Recycling & Composting

All waste must be placed in standard size clear bags or kitchen catcher size bags, placed inside standard size clear bags.  A limit of one grocery bag per week will be permitted in one clear bag for personal bathroom waste.  A maximum of 3 clear bags can be placed curbside for collection each week.  The weight of each bag must not exceed 25 kg, and should be placed curbside before 8am on the day of collection.

The following items are garbage: styrofoam, coffee cups, chip & cookie bags, laundry & dish detergent boxes, broken glass (wrap in newspaper), bathroom waste, motor oil containers, diapers, kitty litter, light bulbs, aerosol cans, plastic siding, plastic toys, dishes,  clothing, photographs and wood (e.g. tangerine boxes)

Recyclable containers & paper products must be clean & dry and placed in separate blue bags.  The weight of each bag must not exceed 25 kg.  Cardboard boxes should be flattened and tied in bundles.  A maximum of 3 blue bags or bundles can be placed curbside for collection each week.

All materials must be clean & dry to be shipped to manufacturers for processing.  Do not place food in blue bags.  Contaminated blue bags containing garbage or food in containers that have not been washed clean must be landfilled.

Organic waste, including fruit & vegetable peelings, break & baked goods, rice, grain, pasta, tea bags & coffee grounds must be placed in a backyard composter.  Composters are available at the Richmond Waste Management Facility for $20. Note: Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, bones, dairy, oils & pet waste do not compost well in a backyard composter place these items
in your clear bag.

Milk Cartons should be placed with containers in a blue bag don't take milk cartons to the Enviro-Depot (no deposit for milk cartons) and do not place milk cartons with papers in a blue bag; milk cartons must be empty and rinsed clean or they cannot be recycled.

Broken glass cannot be recycled.  It is a health risk to workers and can damage processing equipment.  Please wrap broken glass in a sheet of newspaper and place in garbage.

Needles, lancets & syringes must be placed in a safe sharps collection container, available free of charge at local pharmacies.  Filled containers can also be returned free of charge to pharmacies for proper disposal.

You can return used motor oil, car batteries, antifreeze and used tires to your local garage. Waste paint can be taken to the Enviro-Depot to be recycled.  Empty dry paint cans, lids removed should be placed in garbage.

Heavy garbage collection takes place once annually.

For more information on Compost Setup & inquiries contact:

Richmond County Recycling Hotline
Ph: (902) 226-2400 or see "Recycling" in your Aliant Yellow Pages Directory

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