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Tender # MOCR201916 - Snow Removal 2019-2020

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  Tender # MOCR201916
Snow Removal 2019/20

Request for Quotations

The Municipality requests quotations, from Richmond County Contractors, for the provision of plowing and sanding / salting services at Municipally owned sites in Arichat. A list of the Municipal sites is as follows:

(a) Municipal Office Parking Lot (Plowing and Sanding/Salting)
  • Main parking lot including side and rear of building, and lower parking lot.

To accompany each bid, each contractor shall provide:

1) List equipment available for plowing and sanding.
2) Agree to remove snow on a 24 hour basis.
3) List measures to protect existing Municipal buildings and features such as concrete curbs.
4) Agree to have areas cleared before the beginning of the Municipal working day (8:00 am).
5) Submit bids based on a per call out rate for plowing and sanding / salting. No hourly rates accepted. Pricing shall not include applicable taxes.
6) Successful bidders shall plow and sand Municipal sites from November 15, 2019 to April 30, 2020.
7) Provide proof of liability insurance. The contractor shall maintain such insurance and pay such assessments as will protect him/her and the owner from claims under the Worker’s Compensation Act and from any other claims for damages for personal injury, including death and from claims for property damage which may arise from his/her operations. The minimum limits of such insurance shall be not less than $2,000,000 with respect to each occurrence or accident. Insurance shall be maintained throughout the duration of the snow plowing and sanding work season.
8) Bidders are required to provide proof of good standing with the Worker’s Compensation Board.
9) Bidders are required to provide proof of NSCSA Certification of Recognition, WCB Safety Certification or equivalent.
10) The Municipality applies a buy local preference when evaluating which goods or services offer best value to the Municipality. Details of the Municipality's buy local provisions may be found in the Municipality's Purchasing and Tendering Policy at under Council / Policies or by contacting the Municipality at 902-226-2400.
11) The properly completed and executed quotation provided at the end of these Documents shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope and delivered to the Municipality prior to the date and time of closing. Quotations received after date and time of closing will be rejected and returned unopened.
12) Notwithstanding any other provision, practice or custom in the construction industry or procedures and guidelines recommended for use on publicly funded projects, the Municipality in its sole discretion shall have the unfettered right to:
• Accept any quotation;
• Reject any quotation;
• Reject all quotations;
• Accept a quotation which is not the lowest;
• Reject a quotation even if it is the only quotation received by the Owner;
• Accept all or any part of the quotation;
• Award all or a portion of the work to any bidder.
13) The contact person for this Tender is the following:

Carla Martell
Public Works Departmental Administrator
Municipality of the County of Richmond
Direct: 902-226-0586
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Quotes shall be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Municipal Office in Arichat before 2:00 pm on Thursday, October 24, 2019. 
They shall be addressed as follows:
“MOCR2019160 - Snow Removal 2019/20”
C/O Municipality of the County of Richmond
P.O. Box 120
2357 Highway #206
Arichat, N.S.
B0E 1A0
Attention: Carla Martell



Price is to exclude HST.

The undersigned bidder has carefully examined the Request for Quotation:


Location Price per call out

Snow Plowing: Municipal Administration Building
– 2357 Hwy 206, Arichat

$__________________ / per call out
Sanding / Salting: Municipal Administration Building
– 2357 Hwy 206, Arichat
$__________________ / per call out

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________ Fax: _______________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________ Date: ________________________________



Request for Quotation # MOCR201915 - Building Cleaning Services - Municipal Building

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  Tender # MOCR201915
Municipal Administration Building Cleaning Services
Request for Quotations

The Municipality of the County of Richmond is accepting tenders for cleaning services at the Municipal Administration Building in Arichat, N.S.

Detailed tendering requirements and tender submission forms may be obtained on  or at the Municipal Administration Building in Arichat, Nova Scotia at Civic #2357, highway 206.  Not necessarily the lowest or any bid for this work will be accepted.

Tenders may be submitted no later than 2:00 pm on Friday, November 22, 2019 in a sealed envelope marked “Municipal Administration Building Cleaning Services” to:

Municipality of the County of Richmond
P.O. Box 120
2357, Highway 206
Arichat, Nova Scotia   B0E 1A0
Attention: Chris Boudreau P.Eng. 

For further information please call 226-3988

RV Sanitation Dump Station will be closing Oct 25th, 2019

Please note that the RV Sanitation Dump Station located at the Lennox Passage Industrial Park will be closing for the winter on October 25th, 2019.  Note:  This date may change depending on temperatures dropping below zero.

RV Sanitation Dump Station - Lennox Passage Industrial Park

The Municipal RV Sanitation Dump Station located on Industrial Park Road in Lennox Passage is now open for the season.

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