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Municipal Solid Waste Management

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May 1 – May 27, 2017  

A Heavy Garbage Collection Program will be carried out in Richmond County from May 1 - May 27, 2017. Please note that this is the only collection scheduled for 2017.

The collection schedule has been compressed in an effort to have the overall collection completed in a shorter timeframe. However please note that the pick-up in certain areas may be delayed or extend beyond the scheduled dates.  

Week 1 (May 1 - 6):

Zone 1:     Petit de Grat, Little Anse, Alderney Pt, Boudreauville, Rocky Bay, Cap La Ronde, D'Escousse, Martinique
Zone 2:     St.Peter's , River Bourgeois, Louisdale, Grand Anse, Lennox Passage
Zone 3:     Fourchu, Framboise, Grand River, Point Michaud, Lower L'Ardoise, L'Ardoise to St.Peter's  

Week 2 (May 8 - 13):  

Zone 1      Arichat, Cap Auget, West Arichat , Janvrin's Island, Remaining portions of Isle Madame
Zone 2:     Lower River, Whiteside , Kempt Rd., Point Tupper, Dundee, St.George's Channel, Samsonville, Black River, Oban, Seaview
Zone 3:     Johnstown, Loch Lomond to St.Peter's, Remaining portions of Richmond East of St.Peter’s Canal  

Week 3 (May 15 - 20):

Remaining areas from week 1 and week 2  


(List not inclusive)  

  • Walk behind lawn mowers;
  • Barbecues (no propane tanks);
  • Snow blowers;
  • Tires without rims (car, light truck, motorcycle, trailer);
  • Bicycles;
  • Lawn Furniture;
  • Furniture;
  • Box springs and mattresses;
  • Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washer, etc);
  • Hot water heaters;
  • Fixtures (sinks, toilets, bathtubs,etc);
  • Residential renovation  / construction material;
  • Bagged waste must be in clear, transparent, bags;  

*Please place similar items such as metals and loose wood in separate piles at the curbside.

*Please note that no scavenging of materials at the curbside by third parties is permitted.

*Items placed for heavy collection shall not exceed 75 kg (165 lbs) in weight for any one item or 150 kg. (330 lbs) for all items for any one dwelling unit and no individual item shall measure more than 2.1 meters (7 ft.) in any dimension.

*Waste that qualifies for curbside collection (municipal solid waste and recyclables) should NOT be placed for Heavy Collection – it should be placed for weekly collection.


(List not inclusive)

  • Waste placed in non-transparent bags;
  • Waste generated outside the Municipality;
  • Household Hazardous Waste (propane tanks, wet cell batteries (car/RV/boat), insecticides, pesticides, household chemicals, paint ** These items may be brought directly to the Richmond Solid Waste Management Facility;
  • Commercial Vehicle Tires – **These items should be returned to retailers or brought directly to the Richmond Solid Waste Management Facility;
  • Vehicle bodies / large vehicle parts;
  • Electronics and computer related equipment ** May be dropped off at EPRA drop off location, St. Peter’s Bottle Exchange 9395 Hwy 4, St. Peter’s;
  • Paint ** Household paint may be dropped off at the Richmond Solid Waste Management Facility;
  • Trees and leaf and yard waste ** May be dropped off at the Richmond Solid Waste Management Facility;
  • Hazardous, reactive, septic or pathological waste;
  • Dead animals;
  • Loose broken glass (should be placed in a box or container and labelled “broken glass”);
  • Asbestos containing material (contact Guysborough Waste Management Facility at 902-232-2316);
  • Waste oil (return to retailer or contact the Guysborough Waste Management Facility at 902-232-2316);

Please direct any inquiries regarding the Municipality’s heavy collection to the Public Works Department at 902-226-2400 or the Richmond Solid Waste Management Facility at 902-226-2396.