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Richmond County and the Strait of Canso Region boast outstanding attributes that contribute to the economic and social prosperity of the region. Here are just some of the one-of-a-kind industrial traits that make Richmond County and the Strait of Canso the ideal place to locate your business…The Strait of Canso has an excellent harbour, which is deep water, ice-free and dredge-free with superior wharf facilities.

  • The Strait of Canso is on the Great Circle Shipping Route from Europe to New England.
  • The harbour is capable of accommodating Ultra Large Carriers of the 500,000 DWT(dead weight tonne) class.
  • The Strait of Canso measures 12 miles (20 km) in length; 1 mile (1.5 km) in width; and has a limiting depth of 92 feet (27 meters); and an average depth mid-channel of 210 feet (64 meters).
  • The Strait and its approaches meet or exceed water depth requirements for the largest vessels currently in use or envisaged.
  • Well protected from wind and waves, the Strait offers adequate turning basins and anchorages.
  • The tides in the Strait of Canso average 1.4m, with the maximum tidal amplitude in the order of 2m.
  • The prevailing winds in the area are westerly to northwesterly in the colder months and south to southwesterly in the warmer months.
  • The Strait of Canso width is from 0.6 miles at the Causeway, to 1.0 miles between Melford and Bear Head.
  • The area has a proven track record with international business.
  • There is a good supply of fresh water available for industry and residents.
  • There is an abundance of industrial-zoned, undeveloped land available.
  • As an established center for heavy industry, the Strait has a full array of high-quality, well-developed industrial infrastructure readily available.
  • Easy access to natural resources.
  • A highly skilled, affordable and extremely dependable labour force is readily available.
  • The Strait Area offers a friendly business environment.
  • The area has been recognized for its “Can Do” attitude.