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Volunteer Nomination Form

NEW Richmond County Volunteer Nomination Form

Volunteers are extremely important to our communities and our county as a whole. They are passionate, tireless and selfless and they are the heart of our local community organizations.

In 2020, the Municipality of the County of Richmond will be rolling out a new volunteer recognition process.  We will have an open nomination throughout the year, with a simple form to fill out. Beginning in April, at the end of each month, a Volunteer of the Month will be chosen from the received nomination forms. This Volunteer of the Month will receive a plaque, as well as $150 of local gift cards of their choosing. They will also be recognized through various media throughout the month (i.e. newspaper, Richmond Reflections, website, Facebook). The nominees that were not chosen in one month will automatically be entered in future months. The nominee must be a Richmond County resident and must not have previously been chosen as Volunteer of the Month.

Prior to the Provincial Volunteer Banquet, the Municipality will choose one of the Volunteers of the Month who will be chosen as the Richmond County Volunteer Representative.

 Download the Application:

  2020 Volunteer Award Nomination Form