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Application for Water and/or Sewer Service Connection

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Sewer Service Conditions:

The Owner agrees to comply with all the Municipal By-Laws and Policies respecting the access to Municipal sewers.

Application for a sewer connection shall be accompanied by a fee of $400 to cover installation costs by the Municipality.

Water Service Conditions:

The Owner agrees to pay for water at the rates and times specified in the Schedule of Rates and to comply with the Schedule of Rules and Regulations approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board respecting the supply of water from the Richmond County Water Utility.

A water service connection fee of $2,000 for a ¾” diameter service pipe is to be submitted with application, if water service is being requested. For services larger than ¾”, the whole cost shall be
borne by the customer.

Water Service connection will not be provided unless a related building permit has been approved. The Richmond Water Utility requires that customers shall install a backflow prevention device in accordance with Section 18 of the Rules and Regulations for the Richmond Water Utility.

General Conditions:

Checking the Agreement Checkbox below indicates that the Owner has read and agrees to comply with all of the above noted conditions for water and sewer services. Connections to central water and sewer systems will not be carried out until this application is approved, by the Municipal Engineer, for the Municipality of Richmond. The Municipality reserves the right to deny any request for a water/sewer connection where, in the opinion of the Municipal Engineer, the existing Municipal water or sewerage.

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