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Arichat Court House - Media Release - June 25, 2018

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Arichat Court House
Media Release
June 25, 2018

This is an older architecturally designed building with noted history. Although it is not formally recognized as a heritage or historical building, it is a prominent building within the heart of Arichat and is well-known through Richmond County.

Residents of Isle Madame and indeed the entire County would expect Richmond County Council to find the highest and best use for the building rather than to dispose of the property to unknown purchasers with unknown intentions.

For those reasons we chose to issue a “Request for Quotes” (RFQ). The RFQ process offered Council the opportunity to achieve an acceptable price while considering the most advantageous usage of the property. (economic value, maintaining the frontal façade and improving the streetscape).

We are pleased, that the successful proponent is a local purchaser and one who is interested in turning the building into an economic and community use.

The Municipality’s ability to find and secure highest and best use for appropriate municipal properties is a priority for this Council.

Deputy Warden, James Goyetche said, “Maintaining the façade of this building will clearly enhance the streetscape of the Arichat main street and provide economic value through new tax dollars and potential future community utilization”.

Councillor Alvin Martell agreed, “This benefits the community and business as a whole and I’m pleased that a local entrepreneur and businessman has stepped in to take on this community development initiative”.