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Council of the Municipality of the County of Richmond voted to make the Grant Thornton report publically available.   That report is now available on the Municipality’s website.    

Council saw the Grant Thornton Report for the first time on the evening of October 13, 2016.    The report, including attachments, is at least 300 pages long so Council needed this time to review it and then make arrangements for posting it.  

Council has questions about some of Grant Thornton’s  approaches.   For instance, Grant Thornton calculated mileage claims on the basis of postal codes, not the exact departure and arrival points.    Accordingly, the results do not necessarily reflect the miles actually driven.   Also, Council notes that Grant Thornton did not provide background information on the expense claims.  

Council believes that background information would have been beneficial to the public in understanding and assessing the claims.   Any questions about the Report should be directed to the Warden.     

To view the Grant Thornton forensic audit document please click here .

To view the Boyne Clarke & Grant Thornton engagement letters please click here .